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My husband and I were in China in May 2011. I was in China for work (in Beijing) and then we headed down to Yangshuo to experience some of the natural wonders that China had to offer. We were there for 5 days and Feng was our tour guide and she was absolutely wonderful.

Feng met us at the airport and we headed out to the Longsheng rice terraces. There we walked around the village, learned about the history of the area, got massages, and ended the day with wonderful food. The next morning Feng then took us for a Li river cruise (in our own private boat). In the subsequent days we kayaked down the river, went to a market (which was eye opening compared to the ones we'd been to in Beijing), went to the water caves, went to the evening Impression light show in Yangshuo, saw cormorant fishing, biked through the beautiful countryside, and hiked up to Moon Hill.

Feng was a wonderful tour guide. She is a very sweet person, fluent in English, and she is easy to talk with. The parts of the trip that we will always remember are the personal touches that she put into our trip. We had he opportunity to eat at a farmer's house (near Longsheng) and we ate at her family's house (near Yangshuo). Feng provided us with a lot of insights into China, the history, the culture, and, most importantly, the people. She taught us a lot about the ethnic minorities in the area as well as the way of everyday living in that region.

We really enjoyed the time we got to spend with Feng and would definitely recommend her to others

Karla and Charles, Canada

Feng is fun! The best guide we have had in China

Matt Kane, USA

Hello - just wanted to relate some information on a great guide in the Yangshuo area. Her name is Feng (Tang Fengqiong). My sister and I had the pleasure of spending 3 days with her at the end of April.

Feng was extremely well organized, had very good English skills, and made all of our arrangements for river cruises, light show, tours of the countryside, and also made our hotel reservation for us at the Magnolia Hotel in Yangshou. She was waiting for us at the airport in Guilin when we arrived and made all of the transportation arrangements for us to get around town and then back to the airport at the end of our stay.

She has a very in depth knowledge of the area and its history. She took us to several local spots that were off of the beaten track so we could really get a taste of the local culture, people, and life. She kept us safe and made sure everything was taken care of for us. Feng knows many people in the area and can get reservations and services at a moments notice. We booked our trip to Yangshuo only a few weeks in advance and she was able to pull everything together, and made all necessary advance payments and deposits. We settled up with her at the end of the trip.

I highly recommend her. The rates were very reasonable for her services - especially for the level of detail and attention she paid to us during our stay.

Karen Schuster, U.S.

Feng will give you a real insight into the life of the local people the trip in her village is incredibly interesting and we have a delicious meal in her home.

Simon Irving, England

We use Feng and she is an excellent tour guide. She is a friendly and reliable guide in Yangshuo.

We spent 3 days in Yangshuo. Our tour guide Feng (Tang Fengqiong) who had been recommended by others on Tripadvisor. She is knowledgeable and experienced English speaking guide in Yangshuo and Guilin area. She organized all our activities and guided us: countryside tour to the villages and she told us the local people's life, and have lunch in her home, bamboo raft, private boat from yangdi to xingping, avoiding the large boats and crowds. Cave tour, Moon hill, Impression light show, Minority and Longji rice terrace tour. She also booked the flight tickets and recommended restaurants. Her price is reasonable compared with the other guides. She was extremely personable and fun to be with. We highly recommended Feng as your tour guide.

Udo Dehner, Germany

Thank you very much. We had wonderful experience cycling though the rice fields surrounded by the magnificent mountains.

Groben Van, Holland

Feng was informative, punctual and very open local guide. She is very well organized the trip, everything went smooth, nice and easy for us.

The excursions were great. We learned a lot of ethnic minority groups' culture and history about China, it is not only about the places we visited but also about the people of China. It will helping us to better understand the way of living in China.

She was also very kind and friendly and she has a lovely smile. Thanks! We highly recommended Feng as your tour guide.

Martine Stessels, Holland

I particularly enjoyed the visit to the Ethnic Minority village and seeing all those colorful costumes they wore.

Mark Taylor, USA

A note from a long-time friend and client

Hello. My name is Sigrid. I first met Feng in 1994. I had chosen to visit Yangshuo after reading about it in Lonely Planet. Sitting in a small, western-style cafe drinking coffee and eating pancakes, I wondered whether I had come to the right place. Sure, it was nice to have a break from noodles and rice, but I was here to see CHINA. When Feng approached me to offer her guide services, I was equally dubious. I had studied Chinese. I was an independent traveler. I didn't need a guide, and I had heard about all the ways tourists could be cheated by people offering to help. (For the record, I was cheated a few times in China, but that's nothing compared to all the friendly help I received.) Then Feng showed me a little book filled with reports from other tourists who had taken her up on her services. In page after page, people from all over the world with all different interests said this was the best thing they had ever done on a vacation. One American guy had a blast out at the shooting range (not something I would have done, but it testifies to Feng's flexibility), while others hiked up Moon Hill, saw the caves, or toured the villages. When I found out how reasonable her prices were, I decided to give it a try. To this day, I am grateful. Of all the things she offered to show me, the one I most wanted was to see a real Chinese village. I rented a good bike (also very cheap) and followed her out along a scenic road. Feng showed me famous landmarks and beautiful sites along the way, and told me stories from local history. When we arrived at her village, I knew I had made the right choice. I met her family, from her grandmother down to her baby nephew. I saw her family's house and her neighbors' houses, people working in the lush rice paddies, people relaxing in a cool barn, pigs in their sties, oxen in stalls and grazing on leashes, children leading ducks, children swimming in the river, chickens wandering free. Then she cooked me a wonderful lunch over a wood fire, which I ate while chatting with her family. This charming village scene and many others like it lay nestled among the magnificent limestone spires that make this area of China so famous. The best part was how many people I was able to meet and converse with. Feng helped translate from the local dialect. Despite her extraordinary English-language abilities, she did me the favor of speaking almost entirely in Chinese because I wanted to practice. She has the gift of being able to adjust to any level. I could feel my Chinese improving in the short time I spent with her -- much more quickly than in class back in the U.S.

In 1995, I was able to visit China again. This time, I had to go to Beijing instead of Shanghai. Even though it's a much longer trip from Beijing, I couldn't think of anything I would rather do than visit Feng in Yangshuo again. All I can say is the second trip was even better than the first.

Now I am a professor of modern Chinese history. Every time I visit China, I try to make a trip down to Yangshuo... and if I can't fit it into my schedule, I try to invite Feng to visit me wherever I am. I cannot imagine what it would be like to study Chinese history and culture without the vivid memory of Feng, her family, her community, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. I strongly urge anyone interested in China to go to Yangshuo and hire Feng as a tour guide!